Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Drake Bell

Instead of driving 4 hours to St. George I flew down. However, I flew on United so I had to fly to LA and then to St. George (4 and a half hours total). Why, you ask?? Because it was FREE!

Anyways... while I was on the flight from LA to St. George I was talking to the guy next to me. I noticed he was with 5 other guys so I was curious why he was going to St. George (of all places). He said that he was doing a "show" (aka... a concert). I asked him, "Whats the name of your band?" He said, "Drake Bell. He's the singer." And I just said, "Oh, okay." I asked, "Do you guys travel a lot for your shows??" He replies, "We've mainly toured on the east coast and midwest. We haven't really done a lot of shows on the west coast." I just said, "Oh, that's cool." Then I over heard his friends talking and one said that he went to music school with Norah Jones and then his really good friend is Charolette (a back-up singer for American Idol). I was thinking... "these guys must be really well known to know these type of people." So the rest of the flight I was trying to think of a way I could tell them about my brother, Sean. Since they were going to be playing in St. George, I was thinking it was going to be a little show or something. Anyways... when we got off the plane, we just said our goodbyes and good luck. When Jennifer came to pick me up I asked her if she has ever heard of Drake Bell and her eyes just got big. I pointed to the guys and she said, "Remember Drake and Josh on TV??" I said, "Yea, that is Taliana's favorite show." Jennifer said, "That is Drake!" I could NO believe that I didn't know who he was. So... I went over the the guy I talked to on the plane (he plays base and does back-up singing) and said, "I am so sorry. I didn't even realize who you were. Can I get a picture of you guys with my niece??" And they did. They were awesome! Then he asked, "do you want me to put your name down?" I was thinking he would just do a shout-out, so I said, "yea. It's Montana Miller." Then he asks, "how many tickets should I put down." Once again I acted stupid. I didn't realize he was giving us tickets. I'm sure he thought I was the biggest ditz. Anyways... Jennifer, Tana, Sarah and Ashton went to the concert. They said it was pretty good. (I would have loved to go, but I didn't have the excuse of taking a child to the concert.) Maybe next time.

Drake Bell is the one that is standing behind Tana (with the glasses on). The guy I sat by is the one with the black jacket on, holding the guitar.


emily w. said...

What a fun story. I'm going to show this posting to Abby after school. She watches more than her share of Disney channel so I'm sure she'll be rightfully impressed.

Eliza said...

Emily- get it right girl Drake and Josh are on Nickelodeon not Disney. Like Abby I too watch my fair share of both channels. I am so jealous and impressed!! That's awesome!

KaufusiFamily said...

Don't worry Emily... Sarah is the one that had to correct me that it was Nickelodeon too. Sarah is the celebrity encyclopedia in our family. She knows it all!

Taylors said...

Thanks for the tickets! Ashton had a good time. He was a little confused when they left the stage. He asked if Drake went back in the movie.