Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Love

Today was Jason's birthday. Wow! It must have been hard to turn 32! I hope I never have to do that. hahahah. JUST KIDDING.... he is only..... 29! Finally, Jason and I are the same age again.

Yes, I am FOUR months older than Jason and he LOVES to tease me about it during that four month time frame. But... that time has passed for another 8 months. :)

I feel truly blessed to have Jason as my husband. He is my best friend! I love him more than I could ever begin to explain. He does so much for me. He puts me on his pedestal (which I love)and treats me like his princess (he used to introduce me as "princess" to his friends while we were dating. Actually... one of his friends still call me "princess". What can I say... I love it). But he such a great husband. He is one that cleans and does laundry. Yep, you heard that right... he is the bathroom cleaner at our house. However, I do need to give credit to his mother for raising such a great son. She raised him to respect and treat women right. (for all you single girls out there.... if you are dating a guy... look at his relationship between him and his mother. That will be a good clue of how you will be treated.)
But... sorry girls.... THIS MAN IS TAKEN!


Malia is now 3 months old. It is crazy how fast time has flown by. She is such a great baby! We ALL love her. (However, Meesha is still adjusting from the lack of attention she is given. She’ll come around though.) Malia has found her thumb and she loves it as much as Ammon does. I think that is what makes them such great babies. They already know how to soothe themselves. Malia is such a happy baby. She is constantly smiling and loves to talk to whoever will listen to her. She is growing as fast as Taliana did. (I am hoping she won’t start walking at 6 months like Taliana did though.) She has already grown out of her 3-6 months clothes. I am bummed because I had some really cute outfits that she didn’t even wear. Oh wells… I’ll save them for Jennifer’s baby. (I am hoping she has a girl, so Malia will have a cousin to play with.)


Ammon is 4, ready to turn the magical age of 5. He thinks that is when he will know it ALL. And have so many more privileges than when he was 4 years old. We will see. If I say he can't do something, he will just respond with, "How about when I am five??" Ammon is going to Pre-K at Highland Park Elementary School. So he and Taliana get to go to school together. They have gone to the same school ever since they started going to preschool, so this school worked out perfectly for us. (I have to drive across town to this school. It is WELL worth it.) Ammon is our little jokester in the family. He is always making us laugh. We love him for that. He is also a movie FAN-atick. He loves to watch movies and will remember all the good one liners from them as well. His favorite actor right now is Will Ferrel (then again, who doesn't love that guy). Ammon loves to play the x-box and can't wait for his dad to come home at night so they can pass two levels of Lego Star-Wars. Ammon loves being a big brother to his new little sister, Malia. He loves to babysit, but only when Malia is in her swing. He will sing and dance for her to make her smile. It is SO cute.


Taliana is 5, but reminds me about 10 times a day that she will be 6 next month. She is SO excited to be turning six. She is going Kindergarten at Highland Park Elementary School. She loves school. The first day of school we asked her how school was and she replied, "It was good, but the teacher didn't give me any homework." She is our little scholar. She loves learning. She is also a budding artist. She spends most of her time making crafts to give to her fellow students and her teacher, Mrs. Mayfield (whom she adores). Although Taliana will be turning 6 soon, she acts more like she will soon be turning 16. She is miss independent and wants to do everything her way. I just let her. I have to pick my battles these days and some of the stuff she comes up with I don't even like to go there.Taliana has been such a great help since Malia was born. She likes to pretend that Malia is her baby. She loves to carry her around and sing to her. She even likes to change her diaper. Taliana always begs to change Malia's diaper when she is wet. I don't complain. I just thought... I might was well get in a few free diaper changes before she realizes that it's a "dirty" job.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello there!

Okay... I have finally created a blogspot page. I know, I know... I seem to be out of the loop these days. But after reading a few friends' pages (thanks Amy & Jayci), I thought this would be better than my myspace page. This can be more personalized. :)

However, you will need to be patient with me. I am still trying to figure things out. Check back often to see the updates. See you soon!