Sunday, September 28, 2008


We surpised the kids and took them to LEGOLAND. We had so much fun. For those of you who have never been... everything is made out of LEGOS. Way cool! It was just a quick trip (less than 24 hours), but next time we will for sure stay longer and go to the beach. The kids had fun and it was a MUCH needed vacation!

Here are a few highlight pictures....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malia is 10 months!

Malia has been very busy this past month. Here are few new things she has done...

* 4 new teeth. - All the top teeth came in in a 2 day span. She was brave though... hardly cried.

* Crawling is for babies! - Malia has started walking. She is getting better every day and may be running in no time!

* Loves to say "Shhh!" - She started this down in St. George when we were trying to keep her quiet during the dinner prayer and loves to do it every chance she gets.

* Loves to unload anything and everything. - She acts like she is on a time limit. She tries to unload the diaper bag in record time everytime. She has just found out how to open the drawers and cupboards, so she likes to unload the baggies and pots and pans.

* Loves to look at herself on the digital camera. - Here she is mad because I took the camera to take a picture of her. She likes to carry the camera around and look at herself and then gets mad when it turns off.

Utah State Fair 2008!

We took the kids to the State fair on Saturday. It was my second time going, and I loved it.

My favorite things are....

Cotton candy

Funnel cakes

Carmel apples

Kettle corn

Enormously sized animals

The quilt show

People watching!

Here are a few pictures....

This is NO photoshop job! This is REAL! It was HUGE! While we were taking the picture a little girl (maybe 4 or 5) says, "Wow! They're going to get a lot of meat off that one!"

Ammon can get a little crazy when it's time to take pictures. I had to do a little editting of the gang signs. hahahah!

Visiting Grandma

While we were in St. George we were able to stop by my Grandma's and visit her. It is always so hard to go see her because I feel like every time I go, she seems to be a lot worse from the last time. She was in good spirits though. Although... she was really worried about us making too much noise for the other residents. Which is understandable.... 15 people can be pretty noisey.

When we were ready to leave, we had the kids sing a few songs for her and we were all pretty emotional by the end. My grandma always loves a "program" and I used to think it was silly, but now I realize how much music means to her and I hope my kids love it as much as I do.

We love you Grandma!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ammon's first day of school

Ammon finally got to go to school. He has been waiting for this day since he turned 5. He thought that when he turned 5 he would automatically go into Kindergarten. So... the day after his 5th birthday he said goodbye to me in the car and said, "Okay, I'm going to go to Kindergarten now." He was pretty bummed that he had to stay in preschool a little longer.

Ammon is in all-day Kindergarten. I was a little nervous at first having him gone all day, but after yesterday... life is GREAT! He loves it. He said that he gets to "hang out" with 4th graders and eat lunch with them. He said he told them all about his xbox and he said that some of them wanted to come over and play with him. (Too bad we live so far from the school.)