Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Football Life

So, this is my first year as a "football-wife". I'd love to say it was a breeze, but honestly it wasn't as bad as I had dreaded it to be. It was fun going up to the games and the kids had a blast. I didn't travel with the team to any away games, maybe next year!

Peter's #1 fan! Malia loved "Waldo" and refused to let anyone near him.

its not football without kettle corn. mmmm!

But let's be honest... all good things must come to an end so I can regain my sanity and get ready for the next season. I am excited to have a husband/father home. I can't do this single-parent thing for too long. :)

Malia turned 3!

I can't believe Malia is already 3! Where has the time gone? I threw her a party and it was a ton of fun. A LOT of work, but totally worth it. Jason was out of town for a football game. I did make a note that I will NEVER do a party without him again. We work really well together. I plan it all and he entertains. I am NOT an entertainer, but luckily 3 year olds only need balloons to keep them busy. Here are some pictures from the day....

We took her to Nicklecade for her special day.

Malia was SO excited that Brittny came to the party.

I had the kids decorate their own cupcakes and take the plates home as their party favor. It turned out great!

Where do I start?

I know! It has been like FoReVeR since I have blogged. Life has been super crazy. Here is a quick update....

Jason is still coaching the defensive line up at Weber State University. He is LOVING it (and I am learning to love it). They haven't had as good as season as we have hoped, but the Defense had done a GREAT job. Jason is still working at United Airlines, so he is extra busy. When he has a little time off from Weber, he is at the airport catching up on his hours. But I'm NOT complaining... I love the flight benefits!

I am still working at Potterybarn Kids and Gap. I have taken time off from the hospital during the football season. I was called to be the second counselor in our ward's primary this past May. I was really worried about all the added time it would take, but I have been really blessed these past few months and have noticed that my work schedule and church schedule have worked out great with one another.

Taliana just finished fall soccer and is totally bummed that it is over! She was a great forward! She is working hard in school and is top in her class. We are SO proud of her. Taliana is still dancing for Tanner Dance, but I think this is end in December as she would rather focus on soccer. What can I say? I tried! She also started playing piano again after taking some time off.

Ammon finished fall soccer and flag football. Ammon was a great goalie for the soccer team and an all-around awesome player for the flag football team. He was great at running back, quarterback, and a few other positions (that i am still learning the name of). Ammon just started piano this past month and is really enjoying it. However, he doesn't like the fact that he has to get up earlier in the morning now to practice.

Malia is enjoying her alone time with me! She wishes she were in school, so hopefully we can find her somewhere to go in January. Until then... I really do enjoy spending my days with her and listening to her talk. Which most of her sentences begin with... "Oh my gosh...". hahahaha

Meesha has found a new friend (Max). She visits him every morning for a few hours - then I have to go and get her because she refuses to come home.

okay.... now for the moment I'm sure you've all been waiting for.... updated pictures.....

We took the kids to Hawaii during the summer. A much needed family trip!
Malia finally had her chance to meet the princesses at Disneyland.

And Taliana and Ammon rode all the "fun" rides with Jason while I waited in lines to see all the princesses. Totally worth it.!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taliana's baptism

Taliana was baptized by Jason and confirmed by her Grandpa Taylor (Papa T). It was such a special day. I'm happy to say that I'm so happy it is finally over and done with. I prepped for it for 3 months. I made a quilt for her (pictures will be posted later - when I actually take some). It was the hardest quilt I have ever done, but loved every minute of it. I wish I had taken more photos of her special day, but we all know how hectic things get when we have get togethers, so... here are a few of the photos that document her special day.

Taliana's turns 8!

Where has the time gone? My sweet Taliana turned 8 years old on March 5th. (yes, I am finally getting around to posting it).

I surprised Taliana and took her to California for the day. I woke her up bright and early at 4:30am and told her to get dressed. I had her outfit laid out - a skirt a made special just for her. And a matching skirt for her American Girl Doll. I told her we were going someplace special just her and I. Jason dropped us off at the airport and we boarded the plane to Los Angeles.

Once we arrived we got our rental car and headed towards The Grove. I told her we were looking for someplace to eat breakfast. However, I forgot that it takes about an hour to travel 10 miles in LA traffic. Once I found our destination spot (American Girl Place), I drove in front of the store and asked her if she would like to go in that store after breakfast. She was drawing in her notebook and just said, "okay". Then she looked up and read "American Girl Place" and started screaming! Just the reaction I was looking for. hahahah! She begged, "can we go in there, please, please, please?" The store didn't open for another hour. Thankfully it is next to Farmer's Market (yummy), so we found our parking spot and headed over to Farmer's Market for breakfast.

Then it was off the American Girl Place. We were the first ones in the store. I have to admit, I think I was a little more excited than Taliana. I wanted to buy everything I saw! I thought to myself... "why didn't I bring more money??" hahah. But then I remembered we were there for TALIANA'S special day. We walked around the store and looked at everything before Taliana started making decisions of what she wanted.

They had a little cafe in the store (this was the waiting area), but we both thought it was a bit pricey and Taliana would rather use her money to buy clothes and accesories for her doll. Is that decor so cute? I would LOVE to decorate Taliana's room like that. I know.. kind of over powering, but I still love it!

After about 3 hours in the store, we finally made our purchases and walked out. (honestly... it was hard for me to leave without buying more stuff). The store was located in an outdoor mall (similar to Gateway) so we walked around for a little bit. It was nice to just spend time with Taliana. We had great conversations and picked out stuff we would LOVE to buy when we were both rich and had ALL the money in the world. hahaha.

We couldn't leave Cali without a quick trip to the beach. We headed over to Santa Monica Pier. It was my first time, and definitely not my last. Taliana rode the rollercoaster and we both rode the Ferris Wheel. It was so beautiful to look out at the ocean high on the Ferris Wheel. We also had a great view of Malibu. Hmmm... it would be nice to have a beach house over there. hahaha.

Then we headed over to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for late lunch/early dinner. Yes, I know we have a CPK here, but Taliana wanted pizza and that was the easiest thing to look for. It worked out perfectly because it was at another outdoor mall. PERFECT! So, after eating we went shopping again. (window shopping, that is).

It was a perfect day! I loved spending alone time with Taliana. I think I will make this a tradition on all my kids' 8th birthday. I loved it!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Go Wildcats!

We will now be sportin the color PURPLE! (which is one of my fav colors - so fine with me).

Jason accepted the Defensive Line Coach for Weber State University. We will be coaching under Coach McBride - which is such an honor. We love Coach Mack!

He officially starts February 1st - but has been getting things together up there since the beginning of February.

We are planning to stay where we are for another year. We want to keep the kids in their school - which we love too much to say goodbye. And then see what happens after football season 2010. Who knows.... this coaching stuff never leaves you knowing from year to year. But... we will take what we can get.

We are SO SO SO proud of Jason. He only had to do his "internship" for 6 months. There are guys who have been doing theirs for 2, 3, and even 4 years. We feel SO blessed!

The kids were a little worried about what was going on. Taliana's first response, "does that mean that we have to hate Utah now?" Then the questions started, "What am I going to do with all this RED stuff? I mean, I can't go to the football game wearing Utah stuff. Now we are going to have to go shopping all over again for PURPLE.... well, I guess that will be alright." Then Ammon started in, "PURPLE?!?! That is such a girl color. Why can't they be red? Well, I'm not giving any of my Utah stuff away." It's funny how their minds think. Gotta love 'em.

Soooo... all you Wildcat fans, please call us for tickets so we have people to hang out with at the games :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sundace 2010

Well... it wasn't as exciting as last year. Jason was busy with recruiting so he only worked Sunday. However, we did go up Friday night just to "hang out". I accidently left my camera in the car, but that was okay because there really wasn't anyone worthwhile.

But, I did see this nice piece of EYE CANDY! *sigh*

That's right.... ROBIN THICKE! It was heaven!

ps... for those of you that actually pay attention to this blog.... yes, that is the SAME jacket and scarf from last year. What can I say... it kept me warm. hahahah

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Holidays

We didn't get a chance to send out Christmas card this year (or last - now that it's 2010). So.... I sent out an email card. For those of you who actually read this blog (I'm not sure if there are any at all) - here is the email-card we sent.

Jason just finished his first season with the University of Utah football team as an Administrative Assistant. He has loved it so far and is sad that football season has come to an end. But wait.... we still have recruiting.... spring ball.... recruiting.... summer camp... this is a never ending sport. (not what I initially thought).

I have been keeping busy with the kids, my few jobs (PotteryBarn Kids, Gap, University Hospital Emergency Department), and trying to keep a positive attitude and be supportive about football (keyword is "trying")! It has been a challenge, but I know this sacrifice will all work out in the end.

Taliana is 7 and in 2nd grade. She LOVES school, learning, socializing, ... the whole lot. Taliana is keeping busy with piano, dance, soccer and drawing.

Ammon is 6 and in 1st grade. He loves recess and lunch! Ammon is involved with soccer and flag football and keeping us all entertained with his great sense of humor. (as you can see in some of the photos above).

Malia is 2 and WISHES she was in school, but she is home with me (and Grandma Kaufusi). She is growing up too fast. She is learning to talk more and more, and honestly... there is NO WAY to get her to stop! hahaha. Malia is 100% girl. She keeps busy by playing with her dollhouse, dolls, coloring, and doing someone's hair (whether they like it or not).

Meesha (our dog) is 4 and just lays around the house. She is definitely living the life! :)

As you can see, we are all doing well. We wish to send our love to you and wish you a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ofa atu!
-The Kaufusi Family