Monday, February 9, 2009

Advice from Ammon!

While we were in California this past weekend we had time to burn while Jason was in meetings.  We stopped at a Target so we could walk around and "look" at things.  I stopped in the shoe isle to see what they had for clearance (which is always my first stop at Target) and I picked up some REALLy cute shoes and said, "Oh, these are WAY cute!"  And Ammon just rolls his eyes and says... "Mom, you need to stop wasting your money."  There were too other women on the same isle and they started laughing.  And one woman said to the other, "Oh no that boy did NOT just say that to his mother. HAHAHA!!"

Yes... thank you Ammon for your insight, but I think I am doing okay with not "wasting" my money.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Meesha!

I can't believe it has been four years already.  I remember the night she was born.  I was just leaving the Jazz game with my mom and her friends when I got the call from Jennifer saying that her dog (Sammie) had her puppies.  I was SO excited!  The first thing I said was... "I get the runt!"  I went down the following week and held her for the first time.  It was love at first sight.  I knew we were meant to be together.  Then... after waiting for 8 long weeks I finally took her home with  me.  Of course Jason knew nothing about me bringing home a puppy until I called him about 10 minutes before I came home with her.  Jason was never excited about getting a dog, but I knew Meesha would grow on him.  

The first day we got her we went out of buy her a bed.  She had fallen asleep on our bed, so Jason (being that wonderful father that he is) puts pillows all around her so she won't fall off the bed while we were gone.  It was SO cute!  Then at the store he had to feel every single dog bed to see which one was going to be the softest for her.  And then when it was time for Meesha to get her vaccines, Jason (of course) had to take her into the vet.  I hate it when the kids get shots and so Jason is the one who takes them, so it was only fitting that he do the same for Meesha.  I remember one time Jason had to work and so I was left to take Meesha in for a check-up and they told me that they had to draw blood for a blood test of some kind.  I called Jason and he came over immediately to hold Meesha in the room while she has getting poked.  He says he doesn't really like her, but I catch him from time to time cuddling with her.  I know he loves her!

The kids LOVE Meesha too!  Meesha loves Taliana and Ammon and tolerates Malia.  Meesha had always been my baby until Malia arrived.  Meesha has been very jealous of Malia, but Meesha is getting better.  

Happy Birthday Meesha!  We love you!