Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our little getaway!

I have to give a big THANKS to my parents for sharing their time-share with us these past few days. We have enjoyed spending time with them, especially our kids. I hate that we live SO far away from them. My kids love to spend time with their Papa T & Grandma Randee. Here are a few things we did while in Park City....

The kids did crafts (painted ceramic pieces, made cards & tie-dyed shirts)

We had Dr. Mario tournaments. Needless to say... I'm the champ.

We did PLENTY of swimming. Malia wasn't too sure about the water so she only lasted about 10 minutes.

Malia pretty much spent most of her time on Papa's lap - her favorite spot!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The spirit of Halloween is here!

We took the kids to pick out their pumpkins. They had fun choosing their own. Then we came home and carved them. It was fun! Here are some of the quotes of the evening....

Ammon: "Eeww, this is really gross!"

Ammon: "You should never have to put your hand inside a pumpkin."

Taliana: "Why don't these pumpkins come already cleaned."

Ammon: "I can't handle this Mom"

Ammon was definitely more grossed out that Taliana. Taliana ended up cleaning out Ammon because he couldn't handle it.

Malia just laughed every time we pulled out more guts of the pumpkin. She was pretty entertained by it all.

All in all... it was a fun evening. Here are a few pics to prove it!

Malia - our little pumpkin!

Ammon and his pumpkin - sorry... I didn't clean off my dishes before the photoshoot. By the way... my pumpkin is the polka-dot one behind Ammon's.

Taliana designed her own pumpkin - if you can't tell... those are HEART eyes. (of course)

Grandma's funeral

My grandma passed away last week so we went down to St. George for her funeral. Although it was sad to say good-bye to her, we were all so happy for her reunion with my grandpa and our two Uncles (Jonny & Orvile).

Funerals = BIG family gatherings. I love when our whole family gathers together. It was fun reuniting with eachother and having our children play together. It's exactly what my grandma would have wanted.

The Taylor girls - I don't know why we chose to look directly into the sun. hahaha
My grandma's casket - isn't it beautiful?

Shelly & Robert

Jennifer & Troy - can you believe she had a baby 2 months ago?? You can't even tell.

Todd & Alesi & kiddos

Camille & my dad - sorry it's a little blurry.
My brother Travis - placing his flower on my grandma's casket.

We miss you grandma!
Sorry Sean & Sarah... I don't know why I didn't snap a picture of you guys.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I used to tease my cousin all the time when we were younger because her family would drive up from Las Vegas to "look at the colors". I just thought it was ODD that they named the drive as "looking at the colors". But now that I am older (and hopefully wiser) I now appreciate all the beautiful colors that we are blessed with at this time of year. I LOVE to drive around and "look at the colors". Jennifer was in town last week taking pictures for her step-daughter's wedding announcements, so we decided to tag along and have her take pictures of the kids in Provo Canyon. It was a hectic day. None of the kids matched - so there was NO group shot. Taliana refused to let me blow-dry her hair with a round brush. I was only able to straighten it with the flat iron. So... that is why her hair is SO flat! It wasn't a good day for Malia either. She refused to smile for Jennifer and would barely look at her while she was taking her pictures. But... there were a few good ones that Jennifer snapped and I do have to say that I really like the candid ones the best. And Ammon... he was happy just as long as he was wearing his JEANS! (this kid can't live without them. He wore them ALL summer long!)

Anyways... here are a few of the pictures....

By the end of the "photoshoot" Malia had had it! She refused to be a part of ANY picture! But Jennifer and I both decided that this was the best picture of ALL!