Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taliana's First Day of School

Today was Taliana's first day of school. She has been counting down since July. She was SO excited for today, she even had all her clothes and shoes laying out ready for school. I planned to wake up early and make her a yummy breakfast for her first day, however.... I woke up late. Our power went our yesterday, so I had to reset my clock and I accidently reset it to PM, not AM (or something like that). Anyways... our morning was crazy. I went into Taliana's room and said, "Taliana, wake up! We over slept, we need to hurry." Then I went back to my room to get dressed. Less than a minute later Taliana came in completely dressed, shoes and backpack on, and she says, "okay, I'm ready... Let's go!" I had to remind her that I had to do her hair, summer was over! (I hardly did her hair during the summer. I felt there really was no need, she was just going to mess it up in 5 minutes or less). Since she got her new hair cut (thanks Shelly) I hadn't blown it out with a round brush. I felt like we should have done a dress rehersal for the first day of school. I was frantically trying to blow dry her hair with a round brush like my sister did, and for those of you who know me - I'm not that talented working with such tools for hair. Anyways... it all came together in the end. Taliana insisted on packing a lunch for the first day of school and of course... that had yet to be made. We created a somewhat healthy lunch (thank goodness the teachers don't look to carefully at the nutrition value of what makes up a "sack lunch". But... she got hers and we were out the door. (However, we were able to make a little time for a "first day of school" photoshoot! I think she wants to be America's Next Top Model.)

Taliana wanted to make sure I took a picture of her new backpack and lunch bag.

Check out her hot pink shoes! I love them!

We arrived to school right as the first bell rang. I told Taliana, "There are too many people here, I don't know if I will be able to find a parking spot to walk you into class." And Taliana replies, "It's okay mom. Can you just drop me off in the front and I will walk in by myself?" WHAT?!?! My little girl is growing up too fast. Since when does a first grader not want her mom to walk her to class??

Ammon was pretty bummed that he couldn't go to school today. He didn't think it was fair that Taliana got to go and he had to stay home.

Taliana said her first day went well. She knew a few people in her class from last year, but she said she made 3 new friends and wants to make 4 more tomorrow. She is such a social butterfly (she gets that from her dad). I am so proud of what a good girl Taliana has grown up to be so far. She is such a great example to Ammon and Malia. Thank you Taliana for being YOU!


Taylor Tribe said...

Taliana...you look so beautiful!! I'm glad all went well for you in school today. You are sooOo gorgeous!!!Love you!

Taylors said...

Taliana you look so pretty! I hope your first day was good. For some reason I think Ashton's first day may go a little like yours. Not because the alarm just because it's us!

Taylor Tribe said...

Hey, Tenille...no probs on uncle Luther's song...we all family! I know ,perfect wedding song!..for father & bride.

Eliza said...

I LOVE her hair and shoes. We call that sassy hair at our house and I think she's rockin that sassy hair!

aaron and jenn said...

so cute! she is seriously so beautiful!! i cant imagine what it is like sending your little kiddo's off to school... i don't want mine to grow up. i will have to be admitted to some crazy person place i am sure!! ha ha

Jesika Harmon said...

Tenille your family is gorgeous! And you look like such a fabulous mom. How fun to see all you are doing!!