Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tate Lynn Miller

I had the opportunity of going down to St. George and help my sister (Jennifer) when she had her baby. Tate Lynn Miller was born on August 8, 2008 (08/08/08). I'm never going to forget her birthday. She was 6-pounds 10-ounces 19-inches long. She is SO tiny compared to my babies. Tate is such a good baby she hardly ever cried. She is everything you'd ever hope for for a new born.

Taliana holding Tate - just two hours old.

Malia & Tate. No, Malia did not pinch Tate. We interrupted her feeding time.

Taliana and Tate - 5 days old

Ammon and Tate - he was SO careful about holding her.

We had to keep Malia away from Tate - she thought she was a little play doll.

Thank you Shelly and Alesi for all your help with my kids. It was SO nice to be able to go to Jennifer's and help and not have to worry about my kids. Sarah, thank you for the moral support. Sorry that you were sick and I hope you are feeling better.


Eliza said...

She really is gorgeous!! Wouldn't it have been too cool if she was 8 lbs. 8 oz?? Congrats to Jennifer and her family!

Amy Hansen said...

She is so beautiful. Tell Jenny congrats from me. You guys have such beautiful families.

Taylors said...

Are you sure Malia didn't pinch her she kinda has a sinister look on her face. It was so nice of you to come down and help. I know Troy and Jenny really appreciated it, roy told us that you are an awesome cook. You are such an amazing sister and sister-in-law! Sorry I couldn't help more!

Taylors said...

OK Roy didn't tell me Troy did!

Shelly Ence Family said...

I love that smile on Malia holding Tate... she's just so dang cute!! I miss that smile!!