Friday, August 1, 2008


So... I was just browsing and I came across this ad that said "Salt Lake City Babysitters available", so I decided to check it out. It referred me to a website You can put in your zipcode and find available babysitters. So... I put in my zipcode (for those of you who know where I live - it is the ghetto zipcode), so I was just curious what would come up. The first girl really caught my eye, so I clicked on her BIO. I have to admit... I'm a little nervous to EVER call her. Take a look! (click here)

Okay... look at the picture... does it look like the picture was taken in a bar?? (I swear those are beer taps in the background). And then at the bottom of her little "bio" is says....
What makes you a fantastic, trusted, fun babysitter?
I love kids as they are mine. and when it comes to punishment in anyway i never lay a finger on the children i put them in a time out chair. HELLO! Who was talking about punishment?? That is something you bring up when you are actually interviewing for the position. Sorry Raymie... you won't be getting a call from me!

Fortunately Jason's family is so close - they are the ONLY babysitters for my kids. If they aren't available... we DON'T go out!

What are your babysitting options??


Amy and The Mack Pack said...

That profile of that girl is hilarious. Yeah - I guess a bar phot might be the wrong choice when you are advertizing as a responsible babytender.

I was fortunate enough to find an amazing part time nanny in my neighborhood who worked for me this summer. If you ever need her I will give you her info. She is my perminant back-up tender now. But I totally agree - I would rather have family watch my kids first. P.S. We need to get together.

Eliza said...

That post was a total LOL hahaha... I think you've found a real winner there. I love all your commentary too you're so funny. Jeremy and I pretty much don't go out together. We have date night by renting movies or late night pizza ordering or something like that. If we do go out we just hire some kid in the ward or try to trade with a friend. Kinda stinks not having family close.

ThreePts said...

For fun, I checked out my local zip code and found some interesting bios as well. It is quite sad that most of these ladies cannot write a complete sentence or have severe typos. How do people not take the extra 5 seconds into their bio to make it look professional and trustworthy? Crazy stuff. My wife and I don't trust any babysitters so this is not the site for us. This really makes a good example of why we don't use babysitters.

Taylors said...

We are a big fan of slepovers in Gunlock! That dosen't work with the one whose nursing though. We actually did have our first overnighter Saturday without any kids. Sean played in Springdale, it was a lot of fun. This was all thanks to Shelly (and Robert). My boys love Aunt Shelly she does a really good job with them! I dont know if you should trust people you meet online. It did work for Emily and Eric Though!