Friday, August 22, 2008

Horray for Home Depot!

Last night we were at Home Deopt getting our last set of blinds. (Yea, it only took us 2 1/2 years to finally buy them). Anyways.... as we were waiting for the Home Depot guy to cut the blinds down to the correct size Malia started to whine. So I unbuckled her from the cart and tried to pull her up and then realized that your foot was stuck inbetween the metal bars. I tried to pull it out but it was REALLY stuck. I don't know how she even got it in there in the first place. (If you've ever seen Malia's foot and ankle - you would know why - it's more like a "cankle"). Anyways... immediately the guy came over to the basket and tried to help us, but no luck. He said, "Let me go get a crow-bar and we can bend it and get her foot out." I was a little nervous, but I said, "okay". He was gone for about 2.3 seconds and came running back with a crow-bar. He bent the bar and it broke, but we were able to free her foot. Right after that another worker came running up the isle wondering what was going on. She said she could hear a baby crying, and wanted to make sure everything was okay. We showed her Malia's ankle and said everything was okay now. She asked us if we wanted to fill out an incident report and we declined. Then we apologized for the broken cart! I was just SO impressed with the quick response from the Home Depot workers. Way to go Home Depot!


Taylors said...

You know I used to work for Home Depot they must still be hiring very competant people! Just Kidding! I am impressed with the quick response, and that Malias ankle could fit through there.