Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taliana's First Day of School

Today was Taliana's first day of school. She has been counting down since July. She was SO excited for today, she even had all her clothes and shoes laying out ready for school. I planned to wake up early and make her a yummy breakfast for her first day, however.... I woke up late. Our power went our yesterday, so I had to reset my clock and I accidently reset it to PM, not AM (or something like that). Anyways... our morning was crazy. I went into Taliana's room and said, "Taliana, wake up! We over slept, we need to hurry." Then I went back to my room to get dressed. Less than a minute later Taliana came in completely dressed, shoes and backpack on, and she says, "okay, I'm ready... Let's go!" I had to remind her that I had to do her hair, summer was over! (I hardly did her hair during the summer. I felt there really was no need, she was just going to mess it up in 5 minutes or less). Since she got her new hair cut (thanks Shelly) I hadn't blown it out with a round brush. I felt like we should have done a dress rehersal for the first day of school. I was frantically trying to blow dry her hair with a round brush like my sister did, and for those of you who know me - I'm not that talented working with such tools for hair. Anyways... it all came together in the end. Taliana insisted on packing a lunch for the first day of school and of course... that had yet to be made. We created a somewhat healthy lunch (thank goodness the teachers don't look to carefully at the nutrition value of what makes up a "sack lunch". But... she got hers and we were out the door. (However, we were able to make a little time for a "first day of school" photoshoot! I think she wants to be America's Next Top Model.)

Taliana wanted to make sure I took a picture of her new backpack and lunch bag.

Check out her hot pink shoes! I love them!

We arrived to school right as the first bell rang. I told Taliana, "There are too many people here, I don't know if I will be able to find a parking spot to walk you into class." And Taliana replies, "It's okay mom. Can you just drop me off in the front and I will walk in by myself?" WHAT?!?! My little girl is growing up too fast. Since when does a first grader not want her mom to walk her to class??

Ammon was pretty bummed that he couldn't go to school today. He didn't think it was fair that Taliana got to go and he had to stay home.

Taliana said her first day went well. She knew a few people in her class from last year, but she said she made 3 new friends and wants to make 4 more tomorrow. She is such a social butterfly (she gets that from her dad). I am so proud of what a good girl Taliana has grown up to be so far. She is such a great example to Ammon and Malia. Thank you Taliana for being YOU!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Malia is 9 months!

Wow... where was the time gone?? I can't believe Malia is 9 months old. I took her to the doctor and he said she was a VERY healthy little girl. She weighs 22 lbs 10 ounces and is 29.75 inches tall. So... 90th percentile in weight and 97th percentile in height. I am used to having tall babies, but Malia is my chubbiest. And I LOVE IT!!

Malia is still such a great baby. She is still sleeping through the night and loves her naps (some even last 4 - 5 hours long). She got her first tooth (bottom middle) about a month ago, and is getting 3 more (the other bottom middle and her vampire ones). She has taken a few steps here and there, but knows she can get around a lot faster if she crawls, so she just crawls. Malia loves to climb up the stairs. If I see her start to climb I will call her name and she just climbs faster. Then when she reaches the top she turns around and smiles her BIG smile and claps her hands. I know... her smile just melts my heart - it's too hard to get mad at her.

Taliana and Ammon are still a HUGE help with Malia. I don't know what I am going to do when they are in school all day. I know Malia is going to miss them.

Horray for Home Depot!

Last night we were at Home Deopt getting our last set of blinds. (Yea, it only took us 2 1/2 years to finally buy them). Anyways.... as we were waiting for the Home Depot guy to cut the blinds down to the correct size Malia started to whine. So I unbuckled her from the cart and tried to pull her up and then realized that your foot was stuck inbetween the metal bars. I tried to pull it out but it was REALLY stuck. I don't know how she even got it in there in the first place. (If you've ever seen Malia's foot and ankle - you would know why - it's more like a "cankle"). Anyways... immediately the guy came over to the basket and tried to help us, but no luck. He said, "Let me go get a crow-bar and we can bend it and get her foot out." I was a little nervous, but I said, "okay". He was gone for about 2.3 seconds and came running back with a crow-bar. He bent the bar and it broke, but we were able to free her foot. Right after that another worker came running up the isle wondering what was going on. She said she could hear a baby crying, and wanted to make sure everything was okay. We showed her Malia's ankle and said everything was okay now. She asked us if we wanted to fill out an incident report and we declined. Then we apologized for the broken cart! I was just SO impressed with the quick response from the Home Depot workers. Way to go Home Depot!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tate Lynn Miller

I had the opportunity of going down to St. George and help my sister (Jennifer) when she had her baby. Tate Lynn Miller was born on August 8, 2008 (08/08/08). I'm never going to forget her birthday. She was 6-pounds 10-ounces 19-inches long. She is SO tiny compared to my babies. Tate is such a good baby she hardly ever cried. She is everything you'd ever hope for for a new born.

Taliana holding Tate - just two hours old.

Malia & Tate. No, Malia did not pinch Tate. We interrupted her feeding time.

Taliana and Tate - 5 days old

Ammon and Tate - he was SO careful about holding her.

We had to keep Malia away from Tate - she thought she was a little play doll.

Thank you Shelly and Alesi for all your help with my kids. It was SO nice to be able to go to Jennifer's and help and not have to worry about my kids. Sarah, thank you for the moral support. Sorry that you were sick and I hope you are feeling better.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bow Party

I am hosting an online bow party. I found this website while making my daily rounds on craigslist.com. I have found this website to be the least expensive so far. They have many different style to choose from. SUPER CUTE!! The party will be open until August 8th. They are offering you 10% off if you order during my party time. Just enter the online code: TPARTY10. Happy shopping! Click on this link to go to the party.

Thank you.

Friday, August 1, 2008


So... I was just browsing craigslist.com and I came across this ad that said "Salt Lake City Babysitters available", so I decided to check it out. It referred me to a website http://www.momandbaby.info/. You can put in your zipcode and find available babysitters. So... I put in my zipcode (for those of you who know where I live - it is the ghetto zipcode), so I was just curious what would come up. The first girl really caught my eye, so I clicked on her BIO. I have to admit... I'm a little nervous to EVER call her. Take a look! (click here)

Okay... look at the picture... does it look like the picture was taken in a bar?? (I swear those are beer taps in the background). And then at the bottom of her little "bio" is says....
What makes you a fantastic, trusted, fun babysitter?
I love kids as they are mine. and when it comes to punishment in anyway i never lay a finger on the children i put them in a time out chair. HELLO! Who was talking about punishment?? That is something you bring up when you are actually interviewing for the position. Sorry Raymie... you won't be getting a call from me!

Fortunately Jason's family is so close - they are the ONLY babysitters for my kids. If they aren't available... we DON'T go out!

What are your babysitting options??