Friday, January 29, 2010

Go Wildcats!

We will now be sportin the color PURPLE! (which is one of my fav colors - so fine with me).

Jason accepted the Defensive Line Coach for Weber State University. We will be coaching under Coach McBride - which is such an honor. We love Coach Mack!

He officially starts February 1st - but has been getting things together up there since the beginning of February.

We are planning to stay where we are for another year. We want to keep the kids in their school - which we love too much to say goodbye. And then see what happens after football season 2010. Who knows.... this coaching stuff never leaves you knowing from year to year. But... we will take what we can get.

We are SO SO SO proud of Jason. He only had to do his "internship" for 6 months. There are guys who have been doing theirs for 2, 3, and even 4 years. We feel SO blessed!

The kids were a little worried about what was going on. Taliana's first response, "does that mean that we have to hate Utah now?" Then the questions started, "What am I going to do with all this RED stuff? I mean, I can't go to the football game wearing Utah stuff. Now we are going to have to go shopping all over again for PURPLE.... well, I guess that will be alright." Then Ammon started in, "PURPLE?!?! That is such a girl color. Why can't they be red? Well, I'm not giving any of my Utah stuff away." It's funny how their minds think. Gotta love 'em.

Soooo... all you Wildcat fans, please call us for tickets so we have people to hang out with at the games :)


Kristin said...

congrats...that is exciting!

Ray and Kass said...

Wooo hoooo! Go Jason. Awww, McBride is the bomb. LOL @ the kids reactions. My little cousin will be playing for Weber this year, Malone Fiso, great kid and on the D line. Wishing you all the best this season!!

Taylor Tribe said...

Love it! I love purple & I wear Large, yes no Congrats...let us know how we can help out.

Joseph and Katie said...

Exciting news! I love purple too. SO glad your posting. See ya.

Oscar + Lia Rosales~Revealed said...

Hi there lady!! WOW, your kids are getting so grown too!! I swear it's been years since we've seen u guys!!

It's always good to hear from u!! Thanks for coming through my blog page..I'm still so new to this but absolutely love it! ~A new way of keeping me from going insane!!hahahaha

I'm happy to hear that Jason is coaching for WEBER!! Tell him I said HI & Congrats!!..We'll have to come out there and watch a few of his games... Also, Oscar has a nephew that just got recruited there so it will be fun to get the families together!!

We're still here in Provo, so if you're ever in our neck of the woods, stop by for a visit!!

Luv ya!!

The Homer House said...

Congrats, to you both! I would hate to give up the red too but Weber will be great! So exciting! If I were in Utah, I would call to go to games, I love it...maybe one day!
You are still cute as ever (I rarely see pictures of your cute self). Hope all is well!


Hello there Tenille...I'm glad you are a blogger, can we do our visiting teaching through this?? lmbo. Anywho I'm so happy for your family, what a great blessing! Please let me know if you need help with anything..babysitting, a ride, company?? I'm here for u :)

Klarah said...

Hey Tenille,
Yes.. I am blog surfing!! I came accross yours!! I love that you blog!! It is a great way to update friends and family, as well as vent if you needed too!!LOL!! Well along with Anna, if you do need anything we are down the street.. Like literally down the street so please dont hesitate to call or walk over!!:D What a lovely blessed family you guys are!!:)