Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sundace 2010

Well... it wasn't as exciting as last year. Jason was busy with recruiting so he only worked Sunday. However, we did go up Friday night just to "hang out". I accidently left my camera in the car, but that was okay because there really wasn't anyone worthwhile.

But, I did see this nice piece of EYE CANDY! *sigh*

That's right.... ROBIN THICKE! It was heaven!

ps... for those of you that actually pay attention to this blog.... yes, that is the SAME jacket and scarf from last year. What can I say... it kept me warm. hahahah


Ray and Kass said...

I thought of you this year because I knew last year you had a blast... OH how I wish we could have switched lives while you were in front of Robin Thicke.. I havent been to Sundance in years and I really wanted to go try and track down Ryan Reynolds this year! lol... You 2 are so cute... next year I'll tag along with you while Jason works.. hehehe

Tukuafu's said...

He is so dreamy~! Did I already tell you he sang to me at his concert last year? yep.. we are totally hooked up. :)

Next year- I am SO there!

Annabanana said...

I have no idea who Robin Thicke is, but it looks like fun! You look great tenille! It's been what now? 10 years, you look the same! You seriously have not aged. Cute family.