Monday, January 3, 2011

December Celebrations

December went by too quickly this year. I put up our Christmas decor the second week in November (the earliest I have ever put it up). But since I knew I was going to be busy working, that was the only time I had to give it 100%. It is always magical to have all the decorations up, but since I work retail (pbk), I had been looking at Christmas decor since the middle of October. So... it was such a relief to have it all put away by 1pm Christmas afternoon. It was a great Christmas! My friend gave our family an xbox 360 Kinect. Wow! That thing is TIGHT! Malia can even do it on her own. The kids get money from my mom and dad every year, so they decided to put their money together and buy a new game for the Kinect and one for the Wii. We have had so much fun this past Christmas break playing and hanging out as a family!
This is the before picture. I wish I would have taken an after picture (about 10 minutes later). hahaha
My parents used to make us line up when we walked into the family room for Christmas morning - so I make my kids do the same thing. They were so excited! (well.. Malia was almost excited) Malia got another itty bitty twin from American Girl. I LOVE that she LOVES dolls. It's so fun!
It's hard to tell through all the plastic - But Taliana got a new jewelry stand. She loves jewelry, but it gets everywhere. So hopefully this will help her get organized.
Ammon got Fuzzoodles from Malia. He loves to build things!

He also got a helmet for his skateboard and scooter. He LOVES to go to the nearby skatepart and ride his skateboard. I've always been nervous about his crashing - so I guess he can crash as much as he wants now that he has this sweet new helmet. :)
I got a new lense for my camera. A 5omm portrait lense. So, of course, everyone had to model for the new lense. These kids are too funny.

yes, this is all malia cared about - sucking her thumb.